Pastor Carlton Pearson Finally Speaks Out 15 Years After Announcing To His Congregation That There is No Hell

By Victor Ochieng

When you come up with your own biblical story, you must be sure to have it backed up by some Bible principles, lest people see you as someone sent by the enemy. Fifteen years ago, Pastor Carlton Pearson stood before his congregation and made a declaration that hell doesn’t exist didn’t quite comprehend the impact the statement would have on his ministry.

Before making the controversial statement, Pearson’s ministry was blossoming; it was a bright super-nova; it was the talk of town. However, things turned around and the ministry went into a sudden downward spiral before falling flat and crushing. By creating and telling his own hell story, he ensured that his entire ministry was shattered.

The world being what it is, no one wanted to talk about him when he was down, except, of course, those who simply wanted to mock him for experiencing such a heart-wrecking fall.

But then again, there are some ‘failures’ who, out of nowhere, get the world’s attention. And that’s what happened to Pastor Pearson when a movie documenting his fall was released. That must have been what opened doors for him to get a few more interviews here and there.

When he recently sat down with 2 Works For You anchor Scott Thompson, he said, regardless of the fall, “he’s never felt healthier, happier and holier.”

Pearson’s ministry was a skyrocketing one. He ministered to a congregation of 5,000 people every Sunday and had developed a great following across the globe. He pointed out that his mission was to bridge the gap between denominations and prepare a bride for Christ.

But that’s not all; he also held conferences that were very well attended and knew the right words to speak to his audience. As he puts it, he knew exactly what his audience wanted to hear.

One of the main reasons why Pastor Pearson managed to get many mainstream TV interviews and features was because he appeared like a legitimate voice that wanted to bring people to Christ. He was an accomplished minister with the ability to sway crowds through powerfully worded sermons.

The way he built Higher Dimensions Ministries, now called New Dimensions, amazed many. Besides his local congregation, the ministry went global, even as he also made it multifaceted in such a way that it catered for other community needs, including supporting unwed mothers, ex-offenders, counseling center, prison, and nursing outreach among many others.

But all that fell flat when he shared a message that his followers felt wasn’t right. Hell is real is the message his followers wanted to hear because that’s what the Bible talks about. Anything contrary to that meant he was serving the enemy.

If you would like to hear more about Pearson and his ministry, check out this link.