Pastor Caught Viewing Child P0rn at Disneyland

A 49 year old Disney World employee and Florida Pastor, Cedric Cuthbert, has been arrested by police on suspicion of looking at child p@rn websites while he was supposed to be working, according to WKMG a CBS affiliate.

Cuthbert was apparently arrested on Tuesday for possession of child p@rnography and for trying to solicit a minor while on the internet, WKMG reports.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office was allegedly contacted in April by Disney World authorities after they had discovered that Cuthbert was trying to access blocked websites on their computers while he was supposed to be working as custodian.

Apparently Cuthbert was not aware, that Disney monitors their computers at the park by taking screen shots every three seconds.

The arrest affidavit apparently shows that s-xual bodily fluids were found in the office of Cuthbert at Disney World and investigators claim that Cuthbert had viewed several unsuitable videos on YouTube showing young girls.  He also allegedly sent the girls messages such as “you are so cute,” and “send me a private vid.”

Apparently, after his arrest, Cuthbert was kept in a private cell until he posted bail of $12,500 on Thursday morning and he was forbidden to have contact with any minor, with the exception of his two sons, aged eight and eleven.

Cuthbert, who is also a pastor at the St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church, Sanford, Florida, had been employed by the Disney Orlando resort for seven years in the position of custodial manager.

Cuthbert has since been relieved of his duties at St. James church and fired from his work with Disney

In a statement from the 11th Episcopal District the church said that it was “extremely disappointed” with the alleged behavior of Cuthbert. It went on to say that Cuthbert had passed a background check and successfully completed a training course on s**ual misconduct.

In his defense, Cuthbert apparently told investigators that he only opened links that were sent to him via YouTube and did not purposely search for illegal content. Apparently, Cuthbert also sent a letter of apology to Disney officials but there are no details of that letter.


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