Pastor Chris Hill Of Potters House Denver Finally Resigns Following Reports Of Adultery

By Victor Ochieng

It must have been one of Pastor Chris Hill’s lowest moments when reports jammed online platforms that he’d been busted sleeping around with one of his church’s employees. After the news broke out, Hill, Senior Pastor of The Potters House Denver, took a temporary backseat as some other pastors, including Pastor Jazz, filled in for him to give him time to sort out his issues.

The revelations were so damning, especially being that the talk began after his own wife, Joy Turner Hill, took to social media to give a clear and detailed account of the affair between the pastor and one of his employees.

The wife decided to send a mass message to all church members, informing them about her husband’s affair with the employee, noting that the affair had been going on for several months. Joy confronted her husband over the issue and their argument became so heated that the husband called the police to their home.

Part of the text message Joy sent out to church members read, “FYI Pastor called the police on me tonight because I yelled at him asking him to leave the house tonight and he wouldn’t.”

She added, “I was upset because he won’t stop having an affair with Shirnae, and I can’t live like this anymore. They’ve been having an affair for SEVERAL months, and he finally admitted it yesterday (after I hired a private investigator to have them followed over the past 6 weeks). So since he wouldn’t leave the house tonight. I threw his clothes in our DRY/EMPTY hot tub.

I’m DONE covering for him!!! DONE!!!!!!!!!”

That wasn’t all she did. Joy went ahead and “called one of our deacons (officer Everette Moore) And he came over tonight too…4 cops in total were at our home” and their conclusion was that no crime was committed.

According to Joy, the husband did his best to depict her as an irrational and violent person. “I am neither,” she said. “I am a wife who is devastated that her husband is cheating her…with her “DAUGHTER!!”

Sadly, it wasn’t the first time they were having marriage issues over adultery. They had previously been involved in such a disagreement close to a decade ago after she found out that her husband pastor was cheating on her.

This last incident became so serious and so widely talked about that Pastor Hill couldn’t handle it while still holding on to his position at the church. This prompted him to quit his position as Senior Pastor of The Potters House Denver.