Pastor Claims He Went To Heaven And Took Pictures On His Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

By Victor Ochieng

Christians have the hope of going to heaven, but no one has a clear portrait of what heaven looks like. It’s all drawn from the Biblical account that heaven is God’s dwelling place, where there is no suffering or disease. The Bible talks of righteous people who went to heaven, but it doesn’t talk of anyone who went to heaven and back.

If you’ve been longing to see pictures taken in heaven, there is good news coming from Johannesburg, South Africa. Prophet Mboro, the founder of Incredible Happenings Ministries, claims he went to heaven and back and even has proof. Yes, he has pictures, which he apparently took in heaven using his Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Speaking to the Katlehong Weekly, a local newspaper, Mr. Mboro’s spokesman Mr. Nkuna said that during Easter Sunday, the pastor was carried to heaven, where he took pictures using his phone before he was later brought back the same day.

“I just want to bless everyone with the experience I had talking with Jesus, he’s a great guy and showed me a lot of love I can’t wait to get back up there with him,” said Mr. Mboro.

What an amazing and uplifting experience. Don’t you want to see the pictures Mboro took in heaven? Well, if you want them, you can receive them via WhatsApp, but on one condition – you have to part with an amount of Rand 5,000 for a piece, which translates to about $330.

To get the photos, the public can contact the church through their official Facebook page. It’s, however, good to note that the church’s Facebook page has been lying dormant since August of last year.

In their last update, Mboro was apparently appealing to the public to vote for him. The post reads: “Keep Voting in your favorite Prophet for SOUTH AFRICAN MEN OF THE YEAR AWARDS nominee Community Developer of the year…ComGP Mboro MOtsoeneng To 33811…”

Unfortunately, the pastor’s website provided on his Facebook, is also down.

Do you believe that what’s coming from the pastor is true? Do you believe that he actually went to heaven with his Galaxy and took pictures of God’s holy dwelling place?

Well, some who’ve shared their thoughts about the claim have dismissed it, saying it’s a fake.

One Twitter user @curateByo said: “I know this is stale but Mboro’s so called pic in heaven is just fake.”