Pastor Fired for Marrying His Son to Another Man

The bible teaches us love, but how that idea is interpreted depends on the beholder.

A pastor was fired after performing a same-gender marriage for his son last month.  Rev. Ken Kline Smeltzer confirmed the firing, stating that the Church of the Brethren parish gave him the boot because his beliefs were not consistent with those of the congregation.

The pastor says that he has to be mum on the matter until further details are hashed out.

“It’s true, but I can’t give out any more information,” he said.

The church, located in State College, Pennsylvania, is objecting to the marriage of Joseph Davis and Gregory Scalzo on Aug. 19.  The wedding took place at the home of the city’s mayor, Elizabeth Goreham.

The couple received their marriage license illegally from Wills D. Bruce, who gave out certificates in defiance of the law.  He was recently ordered by a judge to stop granting marriage licenses to gay couples.

“He’s acting on his belief and the church is acting on theirs,” Goreham said. “I respect him very much and wish him well. I’m sad that the congregation felt they had to do that and separate ways.”