Pastor Jamal Bryant Not Happy With Black Pastors for Meeting With Donald Trump


By Robert Stitt

Donald Trump met with a group of black pastors on Monday, and he thought that it went very well. He said that he could feel the love in the room. The love was not coming from Rev. Jamal Bryant.

Rev. Jamal Bryant was interviewed on CNN following the meeting, and he told Pastor James Davis that the pastors who met with Trump were no better than prostitutes. He then took it back saying that at least prostitutes got money. “I want to apologize, because prostitutes get money. And the 100 that went in there walked away with nothing, they did it for free.”

Bryant likened the pastors to nothing but pawns for Trump. Pastor Davis was having none of it though, and told Bryant that Trump was respectful and listened to what the pastors had to say, unlike him (Bryant). He then told Bryant that he was just a “minion telling African-Americans who are open to non-liberal points of view to get back on the plantation.” He went on to say that based on Bryant’s views and behavior, he should have his ministry credentials taken away.

The meeting with the pastors almost fell through, as Trump was heard speaking about an endorsement from the group. The pastors made it clear that the reason they were open to meeting had nothing to do with endorsements, in fact, there would be no endorsement. They wanted to challenge Trump on different things that he had said over the last few months. When Trump backed off the endorsement language, the meeting was able to go on as scheduled.

Black America Web reported that the meeting was tense at times; however, Trump felt welcomed by the pastors who only wanted to hear some explanations. “The beautiful thing about the meeting is that they didn’t really ask me to change the tone. I think they really want to see victory,” Trump said after the meeting.

EurWeb noted that Ebony magazine published a letter directed at the black pastors, concerned that the meeting would give Trump “the appearance of legitimacy among those who follow [their] leadership and respect [their] position as clergy.” This was a problem, the letter asserted, because “Trump’s racially inaccurate, insensitive and incendiary rhetoric should give those charged with the care of the spirits and souls of black people great pause.”

It is apparent by the tone of Jamal Bryant that there are those who still feel this way. There is a segment of black America that does not want to even consider Donald Trump for president. Pastor Davis, on the other hand, says that there needs to be some thought involved. Don’t just vote for the party, vote for the person, and you can’t know the person until you’ve actually talked with them.

We will not know what the full outcome of Trump’s meeting with the pastors is for some time, but we do know that Jamal Bryant will not be voting for Donald Trump in the primaries or the November election, should he secure the Republican nomination.