Pastor Jamal Bryant And Others Try To Help Fellow Pastor Who Lost His Home In A Fire

By Victor Ochieng

Pastor Quick of God Seekers Church lost his property to a fire that consumed his entire house on the night of December 10th. Pastor Quick is the founder and the pastor of the God Seekers Church that was founded on November 2012 and headquartered at 1208 South Main St. High Point, North Carolina. He is also known for the new and famous faith-based talk show in town, “The Preachers,” produced by the warner brothers, aired on FOXTV.

He is known for his teachings on such topics as: The Big 3, you are not a Backslider, The Spirit of Jezebel, The Curse is Broken, Reflection of Righteousness and Fitted Blessings among others.

Pastor Quick is receiving assistance from his fellow pastors, Pastor Jamal Bryant and E. Dewey Smith, who are trying to secure funds for Pastor Orrick online. The support is being channeled to   A post on Instagram by Pastor Jamal Bryant says, “Pastor Orrick Quick of ‘The Preachers’ Home totally destroyed by fire last night- show your support at

Pastor Quick is a happily married man to Ashely T. Quick, who is the co-founder and co-minister at the God Seekers Church. The husband and wife along with their two daughters, Victoria Madison Quick and Kennedy Brielle Quick, have a serious passion for outreach ministries. The family is known in the community for the service they have been granting the underprivileged in the society. Pastor Quick has ministered to many drug dealers, those in prison, poor people and the homeless in the community.

Pastor Orrick, his family and the family of pastors around him, are now looking upon the community that he has served and many others, to extend a helping hand.  

The two pastors, Pastor Bryant and Pastor Smith, are using their social media platforms to try and raise money for their pastor friend. This is what the post from Smith & Smith Media Group in the online radio,, says

If you want to know more on how to help Pastor Quick and his family, please contact Smith & Smith Media Group at 888.384.4555 or email at”

Clearly these pastors have the heart of helping out one another and it would indeed be a good thing if we could join and help out Pastor Orrick.