Could It Be That Pastor John And First Lady Aventer Gray Are No Longer Interested In Identifying As Black?

By Victor Ochieng

If you’re a celebrity, you must always be wary of what you post online and avoid ambiguity, otherwise, you may be roasted badly. At times it needs some extra discernment to know how your fans would react to a message before you go ahead and post it.

When 1st Lady Aventer Gray, Pastor John Gray’s wife, posted a New Year’s message on her Instagram account, she may not have known exactly how her fan base would react to it. The message wasn’t received well and the Gray’s have been accused of disowning their Blackness.

Well, the message alone was very good, but the image she shared alongside it is what caused some uproar. The message read in part, “HAPPY NEW YEAR…. 2018…It’s a New Year, and God has blessed. Let’s do our best to be stronger, forgive sooner, love harder, & live better than we did last year. I believe that the roll over from 2017 to 2018 was a defining moment in our lives, that the survival of our hearts, minds, & spirits were necessary and since we made it, that means the purpose we know we have is set to be fulfilled.”

She went further to encourage her followers to start a new chapter in the New Year and exercise forgiveness as a way to break from the chains that may have entangled them in the past year.

“I pray we all woke up this morning and decided that whatever the devil was holding us hostage too, he doesn’t have the authority to any longer. I hope the person(s) we couldn’t forgive, we intentionally seek to, so they can no longer have the power over our emotions. I challenge us to believe that God is for us no matter what our circumstances look or feel like.”

However, the photo she shared together with the message was that of her family wearing t-shirts about racial identity. The blue t-shirts had the three words “BLACK, WHITE and HUMAN.” The first two words, “BLACK and WHITE” were struck through, more as a way to encourage us not to be overly concerned about the color of our skin or that of others, but to focus on the human aspect.

According to her fans, that meant she was running away from being Black and so they chose to give her a piece of their minds. You can read some of the comments here.

The negative comments pushed her to respond. “REGARDING MY FAMILY’S CHOICE OF SHIRTS IN PREVIOUS POST! It’s really sad that my words were missed by some and they chose to misconstrue a beautiful message. So, for all of the ones in the comments section of my previous post, that immediately, didn’t take my advice in the post and only read the shirt…LOL, I can’t help but laugh. Clearly we are black, proud to be black, aware of our blackness, aware of the times…PERIOD!” read the first part of her message.

She continued, “The shirt is a motto…the shirt makes a statement that everyone is equal, every color, creed, ethnicity, preference, EVERYONE! HUMANITY IS THE GREAT UNIFIER AND SO IS THE COLOR RED…THE BLOOD OF JESUS! No one chose their color. GOD DID! We were born to families we didn’t choose, into cities we didn’t choose, and with predetermined thoughts projected onto us by whoever our parents are or were.”

Besides those who bashed her, she also received enormous support from among those who clearly got her message.