Pastor Refuses to Marry Bride Because Her Dress is Too Revealing

If you plan on dressing in an overly-revealing way on your wedding day, you might not want to go to the church of pastor Michael Canty.  The head of The Truth Ministries Holiness church abandoned a bride and groom on their wedding day because he refused to marry them.  The reason?  The bride’s dress was too sexy.

The bride, Lisa Washington, said that she was embarrassed by the incident, which happened right in front of all of her family and friends.  Relatives had made a long trip for the ceremony and despite the family’s pleas that the church consider going through with the nuptials, the pastor told them all to go to Hades.

“I can’t believe this! I flew here to attend my cousin’s wedding and now I have to put up with this crap. Now this so-called pastor doesn’t want to come out of his office” said the cousin of the bride.

The picture below is said to be an exact replica of the dress the bride wore on her wedding day.  Maybe this doesn’t exactly fit the godly image that the bride was trying to maintain in front of friends and family.

This is the picture sent to in an email of the dress worn by a professional model from the company’s website.

The pastor reportedly started off the awkward situation by asking the bride’s mother, “Where’s the other half of the dress?”  The family thought it was just a joke and laughed, but the pastor wasn’t kidding.  The pastor told the woman that if she didn’t make the dress longer and cover up the chest area, she wasn’t going to be married in his church.

Another pastor, who was in attendance at the wedding, offered to perform the ceremony instead.  But the pastor of the church told him that he could not perform the ceremony in his church. quoted the bride as saying, “I’m a unique person, I chose this dress because it’s different than the traditional wedding gown you see at every wedding.”



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