Pastor Says It’s “Fraudulent, Foolish And Sinful” To Give Your January Salary To A Pastor As First Fruit

By Victor Ochieng

Many of the prosperity gospel preachers focus more on how “blessed” their sheep are and how they can tap into such “blessings.” They spend a lot of their time preaching about giving in tithes and offerings. In fact, they preach more about material giving than even the glorious coming of the Messiah.

If you’re in such a church and your pastor is already putting some pressure on you to give your January salary to him as first fruit, Daddy Freeze, the controversial OAP and leader of #FreeTheSheeple, has got a message for you that you should consider reading through before handing over that money to the pastor. Freeze took to social media to warn the “sheeple,” as he refers to the sheep of Christ, against blindly giving to the pastor without first understanding what the Bible says about it.

“Giving all your January salary to pastor as first fruit is fraudulent, foolish & sinful,” read Daddy Freeze’s message.

Freeze has been very controversial and isn’t liked by many fellow gospel ministers, more so because he attacks them with some very strong messages. As a result, his life has been threatened several times. In fact, there is even a “man of God” who’d said Freeze wouldn’t see 2018.

But the information we have is that Freeze is alive and kicking and is doing pretty well this new year.

His message on giving the “first fruit” to the pastor caught the attention of many, attracting reactions from different people, including some gospel ministers. Of great note is that of Omotola Jalade who expressed shock and said she was learning of “First Fruit” for the very first time.

Replying to Freeze’s message, she wrote, “Really? People drop their January salary? Hearing this for the first time.”

In response to Jalade’s surprise, one commenter said, “Yes, they do. I met a proprietor of a school about two months ago. She gave her pastor all the monies she made in the first two weeks of January. Her pastor brazenly refused it. Why? Because, according to her pastor ‘first fruit means all the money one makes in the whole of January.’ So, the shameless pastor asked her to take the money back, and come back at the end of the MONTH to give the offering.”

That reaction by the pastor didn’t go down well with the woman and so she chose to take the money and share part of it with her relative who had asked her for some financial support. Since then, the woman has been very much opposed to giving “first fruit.”

Many people supported Freeze’s message.

One by the name Dogomoni wrote, “Any Pastor that collects your January salary is from the devil and is only encouraging you to be a thief at work”

And another called Abdul said, “Then, that person collecting the first fruit (January salary) who is he going to give his own first fruit (all the fruit he has earned) or is that collector not following that doctrine that said he should rob people of their January salary? People are just heartless, how will they survive when you collect their salary? I [do] vex seriously.”

While a majority were just opposed to giving money to the pastor, one was particularly opposed to asking for money in January, saying it’s one of the most difficult months for most people.