Pastor Says He Was Also Shot by Alleged Baby Killer in Florida

Pastor Wilfredo Calix-Flores says that he has been fearful of returning to church after being shot during a robbery.  He says that he was shot in the arm by the same young man being accused of shooting a newborn baby in the head.  De’marquis Elkins has been indicted for the murder of a 13-month old baby who was shot as the boy allegedly tried to rob his mother.  The 17-year old is being tried as an adult, and police are now running tests on the alleged murder weapon in preparation for his trial.

“We’re comfortable now 6 days into it that the location of the incident and the victim were random,” said Chief Matt Doering of the Glynn Co. Police Department.

Another young boy, 14-year old Dominique Lang, has been charged with the killing as well.   The two were indicted on 15 counts, along with Elkins’ mother and aunt, who were accused of lying to police about his whereabouts.
Karimah Elkins, the mother of the murder suspect, was convicted of shoplifting in 2008.
But there is another side of the story as well.  The daughter of the woman whose baby was shot has questioned her mother’s story and sanity.  Sherry West’s daughter says she doesn’t believe her mother, leading some to wonder what in the world is going on.
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