Pastor Speaks Openly About His Experience With Demonic Possession


By Robert Stitt

Dimas Salaberrios was not always a man of God, in fact, he was quite the opposite. His was once a terrifying story about the evil that truly exists in and beyond our world.

The co-pastor of Infinity Bible Church in the Bronx and president of Concert of Prayer Greater New York, like Nicky Cruz in the 1970s, found himself in the streets of New York fighting to make a name for himself, only to have God eventually call him to proclaim His name.

The book, “Street God,” tells Salaberrios’ story of drugs and demonic possession. He says that there was a time when he knew he was under the influence of “an evil force that seemed determined to destroy him.” He gives credit to his then girlfriend, Renee, for taking him to her mother’s home for prayer and deliverance.

While demon possession is not often discussed in mainstream Christian churches in America, and deliverance ministry is something for radicals, it is not strange or radical at all in other parts of the world. The three women that were in Renee’s home recognized his problem at once.  “The three women saw that and went right to work. ‘I bind this demon up in the name of Jesus,’ Renee’s mother said. ‘Loose him, Satan! Come out!'”

He attributes his possession to a witch from Winston-Salem who would often follow him around and who Salaberrios claims one day physically assaulted him. After that encounter, “I started to completely enter into a state of full demonic possession. When I got to Winston-Salem, I saw things in shades of red. I went over to the kitchen sink, I smashed dishes with my fists and got scars all over my hands from it.”

He talks about how he tried to fight the possession with drugs and alcohol, but things only got worse. He was violent and would fight in a rage, but when the women prayed for him, “it was like the power of God came totally all over my life. I felt the presence of God, I committed my heart to Jesus. It was full-on deliverance. That evil spirit, that presence, it took about an hour, they were praying. They understood what was going on with me. Over that hour, they were praying, and when I got up that big desire to be a street god was gone and my desire was to serve Christ.”

Salaberrios notes that he wasn’t perfect after that, he still needed discipleship. It took a youth pastor to go through Galatians with him and help him understand that all his life had to change. He needed to close all the doors and windows that the demonic realm could use to get in.

“Then they discipled me, motivated me, taught me the Word and I just started to surrender all to Jesus. Left my girlfriend’s house to live somewhere that wasn’t comfortable, so I could live a holy life, and went to church almost every day. I would look for services, outside of just the Sunday and Wednesday Bible study that we had, so I could grow. I had a hunger to grow. I went instantly into fasting and prayer without even being educated on it. I wanted Jesus so bad, and I’m glad he saved my life.”

Pray for Dimas Salaberrios. The devil never wants to lose one of his own and rarely takes it lying down. The attacks will surely come, but with prayer, fasting, and the support of a praying church he, and others like him, will stay victorious and share their stories with generations.