Pastor And Wife Charged In Alleged S*x Slave Scandal

By Nigel Boys

When 47-year-old pastor James Jackson founded the Positive Habitat Aspiring Teens (P.H.A.T.) in 1999 with his 46-year-old wife, Valerie Jackson in 1999, they were considered upstanding members of the Palm Beach, community in Florida.

The aim of their organization was to allegedly help teenagers transition into adulthood by encouraging them to express themselves, but apparently the two supposedly upstanding members of the community had other ideas in mind, to satisfy their own lust.

CBS12 reports that two sisters in the Palm Beach community, who are now aged 15 and 22-years-old, told authorities that pastor Jackson had used the organization as a way of carrying out his own s*xual desires. The younger girl claims that Jackson began abusing her when she was just 11-years-old and her older sister claims the abuse started when she was 17.

At the tender age of 11, James is accused of showing her films with s*xual content as a way of grooming her for his future plans, the younger of the sisters claims. She adds that he later showed her his p*nis and made her perform oral s*x on him for the first time when he was teaching her how to use a condom.

Telling a similar story of grooming, the girl’s older sister said that when she was 17, James made her take baths with him and they would have s*xual intercourse on a daily basis and this continued until November 2013.

Both girls told their stories to detectives with the Child Protection Team after reporting the matter with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, CBS 12 reports.

The sisters claim that Valerie was not only aware of what was taking place, but actively encouraged the depraved activities of her husband. She even went so far as to teach them how to keep him aroused, the both told detectives.

James Jackson is charged with s*xual battery of a minor, causing a person under 18 to have contact with bodily fluid, possession of photos of a s*xual performance of a child and selling obscene material of a minor, according to Rolling Out.

Valerie Jackson is charged with the lewd act of molestation of a minor and child neglect without causing harm. They both face years behind bars if they are convicted of the allegations against them.

WP-TV reports that Randee Kogan, a therapist with Palm Beach County Victim Services said she in not surprised by cases such as this. “We are not seeing the stranger danger like we used to see years ago,” Kogan said.

“What’ is happening now is people who are in these authoritative roles, protective roles for children… are taking advantage of them,” Kogan continued. “And they are the ones we are seeing who are predatory against these children,” she adds.

P.H.A.T. was not only recognized by the city’s major, with some of its students receiving tickets to the Orange Bowl, several of their students were sponsored by NBA legend Alonzo Mourning to be guests at Zo’s Summer Groove, according to reports. As their prominence increased, the organization had also received a $10,000 grant from Nonprofits First.