Pastor’s Wife Buys Gun at a Shop, Then Kills Herself in the Parking Lot

A tragic and bizarre story has unfolded in East Dallas, Texas, where Harriet Deison, a pastor’s wife, was found dead after shooting herself inside of her vehicle over the weekend. The 65-year-old woman purportedly bought a pistol at a local gun shop just before using the weapon to take her own life in the store’s parking lot.

Authorities contend that Deison killed herself with the gun after purchasing it at the McClelland Gun Shop, a Texas firearms supplier; the incident unfolded around 2:15 p.m. on Saturday. The death leaves police with few answers, as the GA Daily News reports that a suicide note was not left at the scene.

According to the Daily Mail, Deison was married to Pete Deison, a pastor at Park Cities Presbyterian Church. The mother and grandmother also ran Minwood One Corp., a business that the outlet describes as “an administrative and services support company.”

In an op-ed published on, Roy Exum, a friend of the Deison family, described the pastor’s wife as “beautiful.” Exum’s praise of the family showcases just how beloved Deison was in the community:

The reason I tell this story is because my extended family loved the Deison family very much. For years we worshipped with them, we dined with them, we laughed with them and, yes, we have cried with them when sometimes life seemed to go awry. What great Christians! What fabulous Children of God!