Why Are People Stating That Tina Campbell Is The Worst Type of Christian

By Victor Ochieng

You know, if you were brought up in a Christian family, there are some irreducible minimums when it comes to morality. In fact, if you’re from a truly God-fearing family, some words can never come out of your mouth, whatsoever. A true Christian respects everyone, hates s*xual immorality, loves all regardless of their racial, religious or social background.

But when someone who doesn’t hold to such principles receives so much praise from the so-called Christians, you’re left wondering what Christianity has become.

Mary Mary singer Tina Campbell not only demonstrated her lack of understanding of what Christianity is about but also got so many people pissed off. The 43-year-old “Only Jesus Did It” singer received backlash after she took to The Real to express her support for President Donald Trump.

Let’s first roll back in time to get the context right.

There is a group of Americans that vote strictly based on one or two issues. It all began in the 1980s after Focus on the Family and Jerry Falwell constructed a strong evangelical voting movement with a focus on a single issue – life begins at conception. This came forward as the single most important issue for a good number of Christians and it attracted Black voters, seeing some of them getting aligned to the Republican Party.

This bloc didn’t care about poverty, education, health care or civil rights. The focus switched to abortion.

But even as some members of the Black community, including the Black Church, started aligning themselves with the Republican Party, civil rights abuses and racial injustice continued to thrive. The Black community continued living in abject poverty, with no one bothered about ensuring a collective approach to lifting up their livelihood.

Fast forward to the 2016 presidential elections and we see a Republican Party presidential candidate, nominated on the basis of his rudimentary view on issues such as immigration, security, and a clear bias in favor of white supremacy. But how did he pull the evangelical vote? He rode on an anti-abortion platform, taking advantage of his opponent’s pro-choice approach to family.

Using that, he was able to blind a good number of “Christians” to his immoral acts; his disrespect for women; his loose talk against the Islamic community and more.

It’s sad to learn that Campbell is one of those who was blinded. She’s one of those people who’re often cited whenever someone is trying to justify an injustice. It’s because of people like her who bring about such phrases as “You see, even Black people support 45.” Not that it’s wrong to vote for a person like Trump, but it just appears dumb voting such a person on a single issue and forgetting every other important issue that defines the American society.