Police Need To Find The Man Who Tackled And Sexually Assaulted A Woman Outside New Jersey Church

By Ryan Velez

A New Jersey community is on alert after a man tackled and s*xually assaulted an 83-year old woman behind a church this past Friday. According to Pix 11, the incident took place in Englewood, when a woman was walking through the parking lot behind Korean Community Church early in the morning when the man attacked her, tackling her before pulling her in front of a doorway.

According to police, he had apparently followed her through the parking lot of St. Cecilia’s Church and into the parking lot prior to the attacking. Video surveillance from inside the church and the parking lot caught the attack on tape, but the attack was so violent that investigators chose not to release all the footage that they found. The attack stopped when the victim was able to flag down a passing vehicle, prompting the man to leave. The woman suffered minor injuries from the attack. In many ways, say police, this horrible incident had the possibility to become even worse. However, the woman’s quick thinking, as well as the fact that the church is one of the busiest and biggest in North Jersey, prevented this from happening.

“The woman having the presence of mind to stick her arm out and wave to the car,” Englewood Police Capt. Timothy Torell said, was effective in stopping the attack from continuing.

At the moment, the police are looking for help identifying the man, and The Bergenfield-Englewood-Teaneck-Hackensack Crime Stoppers group is offering up to a $1,000 cash reward for any information significantly aiding the investigation. The video footage is black and white and does not show the attacker’s face, but Torell is hopeful they will be able to find him with community support. “We’re really hoping… someone will see him, the way he walks, the way he’s dressed, and we’ll get a call.” Officials say the man is in his 30s and is about 5 feet 6 inches tall. He was last seen wearing a backpack, light-colored pants and dark shoes with light-colored soles.

Part of what is unnerving is that the church and the neighborhood area are generally considered to be safe. “We haven’t had one other s*xual assault incident like this at all in years in that area,” Torell said. Police are warning residents to be vigilant and report suspicious activity in the nearby area while the suspect is still at large.