Police officer arrested for shooting a black teen who was dating his daughter

Attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons out of Tulsa Oklahoma has reported a crime on his website that you should probably know about.

Two police officers in Tulsa Oklahoma are now under arrest for a crime that has shocked the community.  Sergeant Dave Walker says that the two officers are Shannon Kepler, 54, and his wife, Gina Kepler, 48.    According to Walker, the two are connected to the shooting death of 19-year old Jeremy Lake, who is African American.

The crime is difficult for a community that also happens to be the scene of the Tulsa race riots, when thousands of African American families were terrorized and had their property destroyed nearly a century ago.  Racial tensions remain high in Tulsa because reparations have not been paid to those who lost their property, and the black community is but a shadow of what it once was.

According to Newson6.com, Lake was with Kepler’s daughter and was confronted by the girl’s father.  He was driving a black 2007 Suburban, which the daughter identified as belonging to her dad.  According to police, the daughter went over to speak to her father, who demanded to know why she was in the area she was visiting.  After the girl walked away, the father got out of the car and confronted Lake.

Lake told the father that he was his daughter’s boyfriend, and that’s when the man allegedly shot the teen two or three times.  According to police, he also shot at his daughter, but missed her.  Afterward, he drove off.

Police say that when they called the family, Kepler’s wife Gina already knew why they were calling.  They agreed to surrender to police and put the weapon used in the crime in the trunk of their car.

According to Sgt. Walker, “enough evidence was developed to arrest Shannon Kepler for first-degree murder and Gina Kepler for accessory to murder after the fact.”

According to Tulsa police, the Keplers have been on the force for the last 24 years.  They’ve been placed on administrative leave, pending the investigation.

TPD Chief Chuck Jordan released the following statement about the crime:

“Last night two Tulsa Police officers, Shannon Kepler and Gina Kepler, were arrested. Both have 24 years of experience with the Tulsa Police Department. This case, like all homicide investigations, leaves little information that can be released due to the ongoing investigation.

Shannon Kepler was booked into the Tulsa County jail for 1st Degree Murder and Shooting with Intent to Kill. Gina Kepler was booked for Accessory after the Fact.

I as well as the whole Department am saddened for both families involved in this tragic event. The circumstances around this incident drives home the fact that domestic violence is a societal problem and transcends all economic groups.

We as a department, honorably and objectively, continue to serve the citizens of Tulsa.”