Pope Francis Gets Statue Erected in His Honor and He’s Outraged About It

To honor Pope Francis, the people ofBuenos Aires,Argentina, erected a statue of him outside the cathedral of his hometown, but the Pope was apparently horrified when he learned about it and insisted that they get rid of it right away.

According to the largest newspaper in Argentina the Clarin, the pope was “horrified” when he found out about the statue which was put up two weeks ago and has since become a regular tourist attraction.

Apparently Pope Francis, 76, grabbed the telephone as soon as he heard the news about the statue, and made an angry call to the Buenos Aires Curia, writes the Clarin. He reportedly told the priest who answered the phone to “Get that thing down immediately.”

The statue, which has been a familiar sight in the cathedral garden for two weeks, was created by sculptor Fernando Pugliese who also made statues with the images of Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa.

What is to be done with the statue now is not known, but the Pope’s request was answered promptly and a few hours later the statue was removed from the garden.

This latest display by Pope Francis shows that he really is a humble man and according to sources, the reason for requesting the removal of the statue was based on his rejection of the cult of personality. A few weeks ago, when crowds of worshipers in Saint Peter’s Square started to cheer him, Pope Francis, the head of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, asked the crowd to cheer Jesus instead.

However, the pope’s hatred of the cult of personality seems to be a real problem for him since he was recently named “Man of the Year” by Vanity Fair Italia.

Making matters even more complex for the Pope, the planned opening of a museum in honor of Pope Francis has been delayed because some objects still need to be gathered. However, many are now wondering what will happen to the museum which would have displayed objects from Francis’ time as a priest, bishop and cardinal in Buenos Aires.

A few months ago, Pope Francis warned bishops against adopting an attitude of worldly glory and told them they should avoid developing the psychology of princes.

But Pope Francis’ attitude of humility seems to be backfiring on him because in his three short months as pope, he has become a popular world religious celebrity and a large crowd is expected to gather to see him at the upcoming World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Maybe if he wants to remain anonymous, he should resign as Pope.


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