Praying for God’s Judgment



By Michal Ortner

Larry Tomczak, an advisor of the Liberty Counsel and article contributor to several Christian websites, says that it’s not wrong to pray for God’s judgment on America and points to biblical scripture as proof.

“Let’s stop kidding ourselves; apart from divine intervention in holy judgment, America will simply slide deeper down the spiral of sin and destruction,” Tomczak wrote in his latest blog. “We are deceived if we buy into the misguided approach of many who believe there will eventually come some kind of backlash to all our wickedness, corruption and brazen immorality.”

Tomczak believes that there has been an increasing amount of immoral changes in the cultural landscape recently. He cites the selling of baby parts by Planned Parenthood, as well as the increasing rate of abortions that is supported by taxpayers. Included in his list is the legalization of same gender marriage, business owners being fined for their religious convictions, and the hostility towards and murder of Christians.

He mentioned several other events and says that Christians should operate with a sense of urgency. Though he advocates a coming judgment from God, he says that he isn’t calling for fire and brimstone to destroy the human race.

“We need a loving ‘slap in the face’ to jolt us back to reality and out of our present insanity and sexual anarchy—kind of like a parent reaching the saturation point with a rebellious smart-mouthed teenager constantly talking back disrespectfully and mocking parental authority,” he writes.

This “slap in the face” is exactly what Tomczak is praying for. He uses Psalm 107 as an example of what America could face. Just as Israel “suffered affliction for their iniquities,” so should the people of this nation, according to Tomczak.

“As I pray for God’s judgment on the nation that I so love, I am not dictating or demanding how or when it comes. God is Sovereign and the specifics are left with Him. But if we sense an increasing God-given burden that it will take judgment to turn this sinking ship around, I encourage people everywhere to enter agreement with God on this plank before it’s too late.”

“God’s judgments are intended to bring people to repentance so they can be blessed and live in union with Him as a bride with her bridegroom,” Tomczak explains. “Will we rise to the occasion and embrace a call to pray some gutsy, muscular prayers for both justice and the necessary judgments to bring this to pass? We don’t have a lot of time left.”