Preacher Says “Gaypower” Spirit Is Taking Over The World

bishop-tamakiBy Michal Ortner

Brian Tamaki, leader of the Destiny Church in New Zealand, is known for his active stance against the LGBT community and has proclaimed four problems with the New Zealand government—one of those being the “radical homos*xual agenda.”

At the Born in the Fire conference, which nearly 1,000 people attended, Tamaki warned that gay people have every intention of turning the next generation gay as well.

This epidemic of gay couples is happening because the “perversion of homos*xuality is leading the charge,” he proclaimed.

According to Tamaki, the world’s greatest problem is “gaypower.”

“Gaypower, that spirit is so powerful it’s changing political institutions and half of them don’t even want it, but they’re forced to,” he said.

He shared his disappointment over Ireland’s vote for a nation-wide legalization of same-gender marriage, claiming that this is proof that gay people are taking over.

“Churches are powerless. You go there now and you talk about that now and you’d be driven out of town. Not by the gays, because they’re so well organized, but most of the neutral population agree with them. Gay is the new thing, it’s taking over the world,” he said.

“It’s a fire that’s allowed to burn because the church ran out of fire. After a while the whole globe is going to be on fire,” he continued.

As the service ended, he continued to chant “Fire, fire. Fire it up. Fire,” into the microphone.

Tamaki is known for his rousing comments against the gay community, but he is also criticized for the financial burden he places on his congregation because of their low socioeconomic state.

The Born in the Fire conference was no exception, and Tamaki wasted no time in passing the plate for financial contributions, even though it cost $65 simply to attend the event. He also sold a book that he authored for $30.

“We’re not ashamed of giving,” he told the audience. “You can’t stop us, no one can stop us. Because it’s in our spirit. Doesn’t that just make you want to give more? Have you got more? Chuck it in there!”

Peter Lineham, a professor at Massey University, says that Tamaki is showing “fear, and nervousness, and uncertainty about the way the world’s going.”

Lineham believes Tamaki is ignoring some of the real issues plaguing his church. “Lots of things haven’t work out well for him,” he said. “This year he didn’t get the money for the schools, it wasn’t brought into the integrated system. Who’s to blame? It’s never him.”



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