President Obama Calls for Prayers for Christians Being Killed By ISIS


By Victor Ochieng

President Barack Obama has come out to strongly condemn the killing of Christians across the world by Islamic extremists. In a statement Wednesday, the president specifically lambasted the killing of Christians by the extremist group ISIS in both Syria and Iraq.

“In some areas of the Middle East where church bells have rung for centuries on Christmas Day, this year they will be silent,” Obama said. “This silence bears tragic witness to the brutal atrocities committed against these communities by ISIL(and alternate name for ISIS).”

The Obama administration has been fiercely criticized, particularly by top Republican leaders, including presidential aspirants, for failure to convincingly tackle the persecution of Christians in the Middle East by extremist Muslim terror groups.

“Christians who are being targeted, for genocide, for persecution, Christians who are being beheaded or crucified, we should be providing safe haven to them,” said Senator Ted Cruz (Republican-Texas) during a November Fox News interview. The interview was conducted after the Paris attacks.

During the interview, the Senator went on to specifically single out Obama, saying the president isn’t leading by action to protect Christians.

“But President Obama refuses to do that,” he added, explaining that the president lacks the will to act on these terror groups.

The president’s statement called on Christians who’re in progressive nations that allow the freedom of religion to “give thanks for that blessing.”

“Michelle and I are also ever-mindful that many of our fellow Christians do not enjoy that right, and hold especially close to our hearts and minds those who have been driven from their ancient homelands by unspeakable violence and persecution,” he said.

Obama concluded his statement by delivering a prayer for everyone, drawn from all faiths, who’re living in places where their faiths aren’t welcome. And in the prayer, he laced it with an excerpt from the famous Christmas Carol “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.”

And to wrap it all up, he said “The Wrong shall fail, the Right prevail. With peace on earth, good-will to men.”

Extremist terror groups have terrorized millions of people and have seen masses displaced from their homes. The Islamic State, for example, has built networks, defined territories, and recruited experts to help it in expanding its extremist agenda.