Has President Trump Forgotten His Promise To African-Americans?

By Victor Ochieng

The African American community performs poorly on almost all fronts due to injustices that run back in the days. While that’s true, there are also specific fixes that can be employed to narrow the gap between the community and their counterparts from other races. However, regime after regime has failed to provide real fixes for the community.

Could there be some glimmer of hope under President Donald Trump? Well, this is someone who didn’t receive the support of the community. That was expected, considering some of the sentiments he made about people who are not of his race, making him an outright racist.

In all that, it was evident that a good number of African American evangelicals threw their weight behind Trump, promising to work with and ensure his election. They held series of meetings and he made some clear promises to African Americans, saying he’d fix their issues.

Since his election as the president, there is nothing much President Trump has done to the community that’s worth mentioning, apart from saying he reduced unemployment among Black Americans, something that has been contested in many quarters.

But here is what’s coming from Trump’s administration: Trump hasn’t forgotten about his promise to fix African American problems.

This past Wednesday, Darrell C. Scott, a Cleveland-area minister and a trusted Trump ally, told The Daily Beast that the Trump administration is keen on fulfilling the promise and there is a clear plan in the pipeline.

The President reportedly has a 13-point plan in what’s wrapped up as the “Urban Revitalization Plan.” This is what he believes will silence his opposers and answer to his insulting campaign appeal to the Black community when he told them: “What do you have to lose?” This was followed by his assurance that he has a solution that would fix poverty and lack of educational opportunities.

“This is the president fulfilling his campaign promise to the African-American community,” the pastor stated.

In the interview, Scott said he’s putting the plan together outside the administration, which, according to some critics, is simply a way to keep the minister busy with something that has no direction.

The Trump administration didn’t even indicate when the revitalization plan will be rolled out.

Well, maybe that’s just something Scott has been given to make him feel a little important. Let me get busy; he might use the plan to run a local project sometime in the future. We wish him all the best, after all.