Prophet Dr. David Owuor’s Prophecy Of Distress Coming To America Fearfully Fulfilled To The Letter

By Victor Ochieng

If there is something that’s no longer in doubt, is that Kenya-based Prophet Dr. David Owuor’s miracles are real and that his prophecies always come to pass. From the discovery of a new planet to the Zika virus in Brazil; from the historic floods that hit Israel to several other notable prophecies he’s given and fulfilled exactly the way he’d given them out, his ability to foretell the future is no longer in question.

The latest to be fulfilled is his prophecy of Hurricane Harvey, which he issued on July 25, 2017, and posted on YouTube. The timestamp for the video is very clear. Even though the prophet didn’t call the distress with that very name, he described it exactly the way it happened, mentioning the dust that was seen and the water that covered the land.

Every time the Man of God speaks, as members of the King’s Outreach Church under the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness call him, he ends his messages with the alert that Christians should prepare the way, the Messiah is coming; and in some cases he calls for serious repentance if a foretold calamity is to be subverted.

In the case of Hurricane Harvey, America failed to repent of their sins and so the calamities spoken against them came to pass.

Dr. Owuor’s Ministry of Repentance and Holiness has been criticized by many who believe that his claims that God is speaking to him aren’t true. In fact, some time back, there are critics who said he couldn’t say the name of Jesus, but all these have been proved otherwise, as he glorifies Jesus Christ, terming Him his Lord in every teaching his shares.

One thing that’s incontestable is that most of his fiercest critics are Christian leaders. The main reasons why he’s not liked by many of these leaders is because he regularly warns them against their refusal to rebuke sin in their churches. Owuor tells them that the kind of dress codes they entertain in churches aren’t approved by God; he warns them against some  “post-modern” dances that have found their way into the church and which these churches claim is used to glorify God.

In fact, many people simply don’t attend his church services because he insists that women must dress in long dresses or skirts that don’t expose their legs. He insists that women must dress in not tight dresses that expose their anatomy; he insists that women cannot attend church services while showing their breasts, terming such acts as s*xual immorality.

Funny enough, his ministry keeps growing and is now boasting of millions of followers from across the globe. The other thing is that even members of other churches end up attending his healing services whenever they’re faced with conditions that modern medicine has failed to heal.

It’s under this same ministry that HIV/Aids (more than 50 cases tested by the government) have been healed; cripples have walked and blind eyes have popped open. His most recent healing service in Finland saw several blind eyes pop open and many other people healed from different conditions.

Like he says,  “Prepare the Way, The Messiah is Coming!”