Rapper Chance Glorifies God As He Accepts “Best New Artist” Award At The 2017 Grammy’s

By Victor Ochieng

The 2017 Grammy Awards ceremony is a done deal. And as usual, there were winners and losers. One of the greatest winners of the night was Rapper Chance, who bagged several awards, including Best New Artist award. As he accepted the award, he took the opportunity to thank God, telling the crowd, “Glory be to God. I claim this victory in the name of the Lord.”

It was the artist’s first Grammy Award and he was visibly elated about it. Chance is one artist who’s put so much work and effort to be where he is today. After receiving his awards, he later blessed the crowd with a powerful performance, in which he gloried God, so much so that he led the crowd into worship, singing, “How Great Is Our God.”

Chance received Best-Rap Performance award for his “No Problem” single before he was given Best New Artist and Best Rap Album awards.

“Once again I want to thank God for everything that He’s accomplished for me, everything that He has went through with me. I want to thank Him for my mother, for my father, for my brother, Taylor Bennett, for my friends,” said the 23-year-old rapper from Chicago.

“I know that people think independence means you do it by yourself, but independence means freedom. I do it with these folks right here,” he added.

The rapper didn’t fail to thank his 17-month-old daughter Kensil, whom he referred to as the greatest gift he’s received.

“I wanna thank God for my mother and my father who’ve supported me since I was young. For Kirsten and Kensli, for all of Chicago,” said Chance as he accepted his best new artist award.

And to underline how much he appreciates God for his successes, he said, “Glory be to God, I claim the victory in the name of the Lord, let’s go!”

Chance, like many responsible fathers out there, is very proud of his daughter. Last month, the “Cocoa Butter Kisses” rapper uploaded a series of images featuring his lovely daughter, including one that featured Kensil, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

That’s not all.

On Saturday, the rapper posted a picture of his daughter alongside the message, “Nothing I’m doing currently would be possible without this girl right here. She’s so kind and loving and brilliant and beautiful. And I wouldn’t have her without her mother, so thank you for creating and raising the greatest gift I’ve ever received. Cannot wait to get back to this.”