Rapper Eminem Rumored To Be Born Again…Again

Ayvaunn Penn, All Christian News

Rap music artist Eminem, also popularly known as Slim Shady, is not exactly known for his saintly lyrics. In fact most of his music is replete with unsavory, foul language and raunchy imagery, but there is a possibility that all of that could be laid to rest.

Christian Post Entertainment reports that “a source from the rapper’s hometown of Detroit claims to have witnessed Eminem’s transformation firsthand through some of his recent actions.” Vague as these actions may be, the unnamed source alleges that Eminem is now taking steps to separate himself “from the depths of the music industry” while also ceasing “to conform to what is expected from him in the business.” Whatever that is supposed to mean, all we can do is remain optimistic.

On brighter notes, there is hope that the latter claims could actually be feasible according to Eminem’s history. In his song “It’s Ok” on the rapper’s first album entitled Infinite, he did acknowledge that he found Christianity. More specifically, the lyrics are as follows:

“But in the midst of this insanity, I’ve found my Christianity through God and there’s a wish he granted me…He showed me how to cope with this stress and hope for the best, instead of moping depressed.”

If a person finds Christianity once, they can find it again, right? In more Biblical terms, if one of Jesus’ sheep strays from the flock, He always welcomes it back with open arms. After all, it is on record that the artist confessed in more than one past interview to praying fairly frequently. In the meantime, we hope for confirmation on this born-again-again speculation. From the Christian community, we wish him the best



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