Recording Artist Vicki Yohe Claims She Saw Jesus At Apostle David Taylor’s Crusade

By Victor Ochieng

Apostle David E. Taylor has added another name to his supporters after holding his Crusade Against Cancer last week. In attendance was worship leader and gospel recording artist Vicki Yowe. While there, great things happened leading many to conclude that indeed, God is with the apostle.

Of great interest to Yowe was her personal experience there. She says that as she was worshiping, she literally saw Jesus walk in and come all the way and touch her. That experience with Jesus, she says, has changed her life forever and made her a supporter of Apostle Taylor.

Yowe was slain by the spirit while performing her song “Reveal,” or so she says. According to her narration of what happened, she said she fell after Jesus touched her.

Anne Brooke of The Old Black Church blog supported Yowe, saying for the years she’s attended Taylor’s crusades, she’s seen mighty things happen, a demonstration that God is really with Apostle Taylor. Even during this past Sunday at the Crusade Against Cancer, Brooke says great things happened.

In a social media post after the crusade, Yohe described the state of the church today, saying, “Please hear my [heart]. In the past few years I have been so heavy hearted, and the church has become a social club. People are more concerned about getting the people in & out of church within 60-90 minutes rather than a move of God that will change their life. It seems to be the latest trend in the last few years, is this man’s idea or God wants?”

She continued, “We need Jesus more than ever. Our world is worse than ever, yet we are spending less time in church; it doesn’t make sense to me! I’m so ready for a Move of God that keeps us at church for hours, supernatural visitations from Jesus like I experienced last week,” saying that in reference to the Apostle Taylor crusade.

She added, “Not so many people may have expected whatever happened to happen. But it did!” Because of the many fake apostles faking miracles and ‘power’ of God, Yowe had to explain to the world that Apostle Taylor didn’t ask her to do whatever she did.

“Apostle David E. Taylor didn’t ask me to do this, but I really feel so many of my pastor friends feel the same way I do, they want a Move of God in their church, tired of Church as usual.”

Then she wrote, “If you would like to have Apostle David Taylor come to your church email me, his healing ministry is powerful!”

Besides her own experience, Yowe also pointed out that she saw so many miracles during the crusade. “I saw so many miracles last week. Yes, Miracles still happen today!!!! He doesn’t need my help, he is booked all over the world, I just want my pastor friends to experience this powerful ministry! I want each one of you to experience what I did, I will never be the same.”

Reading through that post tells you that Yowe was really touched by the whole experience.