Why Is Rev. William Barber Leaving The NAACP?

By Victor Ochieng

The time has finally come for Rev. William Barber to quit his position as President of the North Carolina Chapter of the NAACP and focus on other missions.  The reverend revealed that he’ll be leaving his position this October. According to Barber, the main reason why he’s leaving is because he intends to focus more of his energy on poor people’s campaign.

Barber is the convener of the groundbreaking Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKonJ) Peoples Assembly Coalition, an alliance that brings together over 140 progressive organizations with a total membership of more than 2 million. The main agenda of the coalition is to champion a 14-point strategic campaign against racism, poverty, and war. Through this organization, Dr. Barber has become renowned nationally, especially for championing the passage of the 2009’s Racial Justice Act, which gave room for death row inmates to seek an appeal for their sentencing, where they feel racism influenced the court’s decision. Besides that, the coalition also spearheaded reforms in the electoral system, leading to the approval of same-day registration and early voting. It has also redefined marriage equality to become a civil rights issue. HKonJ is also known for successfully mobilizing Black churches in 2012 to rally behind a ballot initiative.

In his quest to address societal issues, Rev. Barber has marshaled a multiracial, multi-generational group of thousands of people under the banner of Forward Together Moral Monday Movement to participate in a protest at the NC General Assembly among other places around the state. The protests are against the retrogressive policies pushed through by the state governor and legislature such as the trimming down of Medicaid, unemployment benefits, and education funds. Dr. Barber has also been involved in a number of demonstrations in a bid to expose some of the secretive things that North Carolina politicians are doing.

Rev. Barber has dedicated his life to the service of the community and his presence at the NAACP will definitely be missed. All in all, he’s done his part at the institution and we strongly believe that whoever will be taking over the mantle at the organization will maintain stellar performance.

With more room to focus on his service to the community, it’s believed that Rev. Barber will achieve more. He already enjoys vast goodwill, meaning his projects will receive enormous support and work to better the lives of the American people.