Sarah Palin endorsed group puts President Obama’s face in a urinal

President Obama isn’t exactly the most favored politician in America right now.  His popularity has sunk to be lower than that of President Bush, and his opponents are becoming more emboldened with the recent chaos occurring inside the country of Iraq.  But despite the political opposition, there are some who feel that President Obama gets more anger, hatred and criticism than most other American presidents of the past.  There are also some who believe that it is related to race.

The Huffington Post’s Igor Bobic tweeted out an image from the Faith& Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority” conference, being held in Washington DC this week.  The meeting is one of conservatives and those who believe in a faith-based style of government.

Critics feel that the group is going over the line and disrespecting the presidency by having an image of President Obama for the guests to urinate on.  Of course, some members of the organization feel that the president deserves it, but could it be considered unAmerican to want to urinate on the face of the President of the United States?  Also, can you call yourself a person of God by doing something like this?  That’s the debate being had as people wonder if the group went too far with this particular “party favor” for its guests.

According to their website, the Faith & Freedom Coalition sees itself as a group promoting “common sense, conservative” values.  They also claim to beleive in liberty.  One prominent member of the organization, Sarah Palin, is a long-time opponent of President Obama, and has this to say about the organization:

“We look to the Faith & Freedom Coalition and other common-sense, conservative, liberty-loving groups to be our voice.  You have access to the politicians; you have access to the venues where your voice can be louder as representatives of us.  So, we count on you to speak truth and to hold our politicians accountable because if not for that then our country will be transformed into something that we do not recognize.  Keep up the great work.”

The other side of the coin asks whether or not the organization would feel it appropriate to put the face of a Republican president in the toilet, with leading Democrats supporting the organization.  Is this going too far?  Also, as a faith-based organization that espouses Christian values, is this a Christian way to express your Democratic ideals?  Please tell us what you think.