Secret Meeting Of Black Pastors Go Wrong After Activists Storm In

By Victor Ochieng

Pastors who go into secret meetings with politicians are often criticized by factions that believe such politicians don’t represent their interests. This happens even when the critics have no idea what the agenda of the meeting was.

That’s why when some Chicago Black pastors went into a meeting with gubernatorial candidate JB Pritzker, two Black activists didn’t feel good about it, choosing to look for an opportunity to teach the pastors a lesson. Two young Black activists decided to storm a secret meeting that was going on in a Chicago Southside church, criticizing specific Black pastors in attendance of holding a secret meeting with Pritzker, going as far as threatening to knock out one of the pastors. This is because the activists believe that Pritzker is an oppressor against whom they’ve been ‘taking a knee.’ The group went as far as sharing the car number plates of pastors who attended the meeting and called them all fake. They even threatened to punch one old clergy.

As if they were carried with some spell, the two activists later held a meeting with the same candidate they claimed was an oppressor. Worse still, they went to the meeting, took pictures with Pitzker and shared them on social media.

Pastor John F. Hannah did a Facebook post about the incident. He wrote, “Saints it really is time to pray!! Yesterday I saw a video of pastors and older men being totally disrespected. Division and disrespect are weapons used by the devil to hold people down. Wrong can never be right and every person must walk in their truth. Pray for this generation for real!!!”

Chenier Alston wasn’t happy either with what the activists did, especially after they also went ahead and met JBP. Alston wrote, “So you bust in the meeting criticizing the pastors for “secretly” meeting with JB Pritzker, threaten to knockout one of my fellow clergyman, call JBP an oppressor, claim to be taking a knee on him, post license plates of pastors attending, called the pastors fake and frauds and against threaten an old guy (pastor) with the claim that you’re going to right hook him and knock the Spirit out of that Mf’er, only to turn around and have a meeting with JBP and do a photo op!!!! I’m confused!”

Pastor Alston went ahead to point out that even Martin Luther King Jr. held meetings with people who were perceived as enemies of the Black people. But that didn’t mean he was a sellout. King is particularly remembered for holding a meeting with Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th president of the United States of America. In terms of policy, Johnson did so much great things for Black people, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a white person with prejudices towards Black people. Dr. King, a Black pastor and activist, didn’t think it was wrong to meet the president and discuss real issues. Sitting down and talking to political figures don’t mean someone is a sellout.