Server Gets Fired After Blasting Megachurch On Facebook For Not Tipping

By Victor Ochieng

Many servers in restaurants among other eateries earn pretty good money from tips. While it’s not a right to be tipped, some have too high expectations, especially when the bill is pretty large or they’ve served some celebrity figure. That’s what prompted an Outback Steakhouse server to take to Facebook to “shame” a church that didn’t tip her on a $735 takeout bill.

Christ Fellowship Church on Wednesday called Outback Steakhouse for a delivery, but the delivery was running late, compelling the church to send someone to pick up the order. This was for their guests who were at a conference they had hosted in Palm Beach Gardens.

Then it happened that Tamalyn Yoder was the person who helped with putting the order in place for the church.

“When I brought it out and put it in the car and received the payment, there was no gratuity. I got upset. I posted a post on Facebook about the church not leaving a gratuity tip,” Yoder said. “We live off of tips. If we don’t have that then we have nothing.”

Following the post, one of Yoder’s friends decided to call the church to complain about their failure to tip Yoder.

In response, the church explained that the person who volunteered to go pick the food wasn’t aware of their policy on tipping for takeout orders.

“Coming in to eat or takeout, you should automatically be wanting to tip 15%. From there you either go up or you go down, based on service,” she said.

In order not to let this go away without making it right, Christ Fellowship Church called Outback Steakhouse on Thursday to offer a tip for Yoder. Unfortunately for Yoder, when she reported to work later in the day, she got fired. She overlooked an Outback Steakhouse policy that requires employees not to make social media posts about customers.

“I feel that we should be allowed to say something especially to big parties that don’t leave anything…they pay the exact amount. I probably would still do it the same way. I wouldn’t change anything,” Yoder said about her Facebook post and her being fired. Her intention was to bring awareness about parties that take service but fail to tip.

Christ Fellowship has made it clear that it wasn’t their intention to have Yoder fired.

“The church did reach out to me, they are trying to rectify the whole thing. And I thank them,” Yoder said.

The church simply said the whole thing was a ‘misunderstanding.’

Yoder is now out there looking for a job as a waitress even as she hopes that she’ll also own a restaurant one day.