Shirley Caeser Faces Backlash After Defending Kim Burrell’s Homophobic Sermon

By Victor Ochieng

The dust hadn’t settled down after preacher-cum-singer Shirley Caesar basked with internet fame from her “green, beans, potatoes” rhyme. She’s back in the spotlight, facing internet vitriol for defending Kim Burrell after the gospel singer went into a homophobic rant against gaysm.

It all started after a video of Burrell gave a sermon against a “perverted homos*xual” spirit that’s allegedly taking the American society hostage. She suggested that gaysm became widely accepted in the society as a result of President Obama’s actions.

In her own sermon, Burrell, who pastors Love & Liberty Fellowship Church in Houston, talked strongly against homos*xuality and outlined some of its dangers.

During a sermon at the First Baptist Church in Glenarden, Maryland, Caesar defended Burrell, suggesting that the gospel sensation should’ve made her statement sooner.

“[Kim Burrell] should’ve said something four years ago when our president made that stuff alright,” she said in a Twitter video.

Caesar, who is the pastor at Mount Calvary Word of Faith in Raleigh, also suggested that pastors should be collecting their parishioners’ phones at the door as they come into the church. Although Caesar didn’t mention Burrell by name, she also said she understands well that she needs to “process before I speak… because once it’s out there it’s gone.”

Burrell’s sermon video against homos*xuality went viral and attracted serious backlash from the internet community, including celebrity figures. There were real consequences for her statements. Her performance that had been scheduled for “The Ellen Show” to promote her “Hidden Figures” soundtrack was called off. But that’s not all she to loss; she also got her KTSU radio show cancelled.

Some of the celebrities who blasted Burrell for her comments included singer Pharrell Williams, who, through a tweet, said: “I condemn hate speech of any kind. There is no room in this world for any kind of prejudice. My greatest hope is for inclusion and love for all humanity in 2017 and beyond.” He pointed out that he loathes any form of prejudice and hate against members of the LGBTQ community.

“I shouldn’t even have to post this as you guys should already know where I stand but If you do not pls know I unequivocally repudiate ANY AND ALL hateful comments against the LGBTQ community. In addition, I feel we all belong to the same community, a shared community called humanity,” Williams said.