Shocking: Florida Prophetess Ruthene Tukes Murdered In A Motel By Boyfriend

By Victor Ochieng

A 39-year-old Folkston, Georgia man has been arrested in relation to the killing of Florida Prophetess, Ruthene Tukes. The lifeless body of Tukes was found in a South Georgia motel room and preliminary investigations led to the arrest of the deceased’s boyfriend.

Investigators arrived at the scene of the murder, retrieved and reviewed the available evidence, with the available evidence leading them to the home of her boyfriend, David Chavell Monroe.

According to police reports, hotel staff heard a woman screaming shortly before police officers arrived at the premises. The officers acted in response to a hang-up 911 call from the Econo Lodge in Kingsland at 12:55 am on Tuesday, January 31, 2017, only to find the 62-year-old prophetess lifeless. She’d died of head trauma.

Kingsland police officers leading the investigations got to Monroe’s home and found Tukes’ 2004 Dodge Durango parked outside. And when Monroe answered the door law enforcement officers realized he had blood stains both on his shorts and shoes.

At the time of her death, Prophetess Tukes was a widow of two years. Her relationship with Monroe began when she was helping Monroe to get his life back together. As their relationship grew, Tukes family resisted it, going as far as filing a restraining order forbidding Monroe from visiting their Jacksonville home. This meant that Tukes had to look for alternative places to meet with her sweetheart. So, whenever she made trips to Georgia for her ministry works, she’d spare some time for the two of them.

The death of Tukes came as a shocker to her family, being that she was her family unity’s backbone – a mother and grandmother.

“I loved her so much. She was my sweetest, innocent and goodest grandmother I could ever have,” said her grandson Eric Collins. Tukes daughter Shameka Tukes informed News4Jax that her mother used to travel several times to Georgia for her ministry work, and that’s how she met her killer boyfriend.

“If you were hungry, she fed you. If you needed somewhere to stay, she would open up the doors no matter what time of day. If you called her, she would answer her phone. And to be robbed of that, I just don’t understand it. She was basically trying to help him get his life back,” Shameka said. “Love is blind.”

Tukes relationship with Monroe gave her a chance to love and be loved again, having lost her husband not so long ago. It’s, however, not clear why her family wasn’t supportive of her affair with Monroe.

Monroe was charged with first-degree murder.