Is Skimpy Dressing Okay For Worship Leaders?

By Victor Ochieng

“God looks at the heart” is a defensive line often used by those being criticized for one reason or the other. If you ask them why they’re dressing in a certain way, they say God only looks at the heart. This has led to a great deal of compromise in the gospel word, leading to several worldly elements finding their way into the church.

In some cases, church leaders bend the rules a little bit so as to accommodate the younger generation. Then there are those who never question the evil acts of the rich because they want church bills paid.

Is there an inappropriate dressing for the worship leader? This is a question many are currently looking for an answer to after a picture of Vicky Yohe of Paula White’s church surfaced online, showing her leading worship while dressed in a questionable outfit.

Is it okay for someone to dress the way they want or is there some mode of dressing that’s appropriate for a worship leader?

In a viral video that was shared by Dr. Juanita Bynum during the summer, she addressed the issue, pointing out how women of God should dress. She lamented that many of today’s so-called women of God don’t want to dress up and their intention is nothing but to draw attention to their anatomy.

But these worship leaders know how to justify their actions. “I dress in what I’m comfortable in,” “It’s hot and I don’t want to dress heavy,” “God focuses on the intention,” and such like are some of the answers you’ll get when you question women who dress in what clearly shows disrespect to Jehovah.

But what about the effect of their dressing on other people? Human beings are weak and easily fall into s*xual lust. The question: Is there judgment for leading others to sin? You definitely have the answer!

Regardless of whether such women are dressing skimpily just for themselves or they’re doing it to seek attention, they should know that their actions are leading some people to s*xual lust. Just like the Apostle Paul said, if you doing something is likely to make a brother or a sister fall into sin, please just avoid it.

So, as a worship leader, you must take the people around you into consideration; you must dress holy and live an exemplary life that glorifies OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.