Do We Still Have Praying Grandmothers?

By Victor Ochieng

Is your grandmother prayerful? That was a question that, in most cases, would’ve been a definite yes back in the days. Most grandmothers were very prayerful. They’d spend time praying with their children and grandchildren. They’d spare time to pray on their own. They’d wake up in the night to pray; take a break from their daily activities to pray; and would always talk about Jesus Christ as the perfect example to follow.

You remember the story of Chance the Rapper? At one point he shared an event in his life that changed him forever. The rapper said that one day, at a time he’d turned into a mess, his loving and caring grandmother marched him in and prayed for him, and he says it was a prayer that left him confused. He didn’t know whether it was a prayer or a curse. At that time, Chance was getting into the hip-hop lifestyle and his grandmother must have been unhappy about it.

Then we have this sweet princess whose grandmother used to incessantly pray for. She says her grandmother never stopped praying for her and checking on her to give her direction as she was finding her way in this confused system of things. God listened to those prayers and answered them, and, today, we have Helen Baylor who sings for nothing else but for the glory of Our LORD Jesus Christ.

We read the account of the Apostle Paul who spoke about the great faith that Timothy’s mother and grandmother had and how it positively impacted the young servant’s life. That transformed the young man and it blossomed into a glorious ministry for the glory of our King and Savior Jesus Christ.

In all these accounts, we see the power of prayer. We get to understand that God listens to prayers and, through our faith, our children, regardless of their prevailing situations, can be saved.

When grandmothers pray, they beseech the LORD to intervene in the lives of their children and that of their grandchildren. Praying grandmothers are always very passionate in their communication with God. They never stop praying even when they’re faced with challenging moments.

If you’re a grandmother reading this, just know there is no time to stop praying for your family. It’s a lifelong duty, Hallelujah!!!!