Straight Pastor Debates with G*y Pastor: “People of Color Take Offense to You Equating Sexual Preference with Skin Color”


By Angela Wills

The debate between a g*y pastor, Dr. Thomas and an unidentified straight pastor on gay marriage is one for the books.

Dr. Thomas has come under fire before for his consistency in associating s*xual preference with skin color, a decision of which the other pastor was determined to set him straight on.

Referencing the case in which the government intervened and fined bakers for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, the pastor continually questioned Dr. Thomas on whether he felt it was okay for the baker to deny service to a g*y couple because of his or her religious belief that marriage should exists between a man and a woman.

The question to Dr. Thomas was simply, “do you think the government was right?” Instead of a direct reply, Dr. Thomas asked the host if he felt that slaves in the past did not have the right to have their rights protected and allowed to drink from the same water fountain as whites.

The pastor replied, “I do not believe race is the same as s*xual choice. I have an African American pastor, friend in this community who says, ‘don’t equate sin with the color of my skin.” He went on to tell Dr. Thomas that he believes many people of color, “Not all” but many, take offense that he equates s*xual choice with skin color.

Dr. Thomas went on to explain that he takes offense to the host lack of respect to his s*xual orientation, going on to say that his s*xual preference is very important to his lifestyle.

As Dr. Thomas attempted to rectify his beliefs in leading a g*y lifestyle as being acceptable in the eyes of God, he referenced slavery. Each time he attempted to do this, the debating pastor reminded him that God’s word never changes and just as same s*x wasn’t upheld in the eyes of God back then, there is no acceptance by Him for it now.