How S*xism and Fake “Deliverance Ministry” Is Taking Over Today’s Church

By Victor Ochieng

The current state of the church is worrying. From cases of s*xual immorality by church leaders, misappropriation of church funds to glorifying of wealth, many churches have morphed into our new spiritual enemy. The gospel is being diluted and sin entertained simply to raise tithes and offerings.

S*xism mixed with the “deliverance ministry” have become quite common in today’s church, with women systematically programmed into continuously showering false prophets with praises. We see women congregants walking on their fours in the “house of God,” doing everything possible to validate the spirituality of their church leaders. When these women move to the pulpit during prayer call outs, some twitch and roll on the floor as they confess their sins while also displaying some hypnotic and inexplicable powers. And after that, they’re considered to have been delivered from the bondage of sin.

To ensure that they get large numbers whenever they make their prayer call outs, pastors choose words that they know convict a good number of their congregants. They talk of lies, s*xual immorality, molestation, failing businesses, problem finding a husband, and sicknesses among other things. Those who come forward are prayed for and their blessings decreed. Unfortunately, their lives never change, neither do they turn away from their evil ways. Is that was we call deliverance?

Here are some of the detestable things about these so called deliverance services:

Women target – Most of these deliverance ministries are significantly made up of women, with their prayer call outs mainly containing s*xual references. In some cases, they even call some women by name, shaming them by talking about their sins, HIV statuses, and their businesses among others. There are even pastors who first use tricks to get stories from new members then calling for prayer requests using such stories in a bid to appear anointed by God.

Criteria for gauging deliverance – Most of these churches consider coming forward and confessing one’s sins as a show of deliverance. Some are considered delivered simply because they’ve been “slain” in the spirit; because they’ve cried so loudly; because they’ve writhed so touchingly on the floor or even vomited on the carpet. Nobody cares to follow up on their lives to establish whether they’ve turned away from their sinful ways.

Lack of mental health treatment for women – There are many people in our churches facing mild or serious cases of mental illness. Instead of churches providing guidance on how to access mental treatment or some psychiatric interventions, they’re only prayed for because they’re considered demon-possessed. When are these churches going to welcome National Alliance for Mental Health (NAMI) to help their congregants suffering from conditions such as depression and bipolar? Are we going to continue referring to everything we don’t know as demonic?

Men are indifferent to women problems – As women are targeted by false prophets and pastors, men in the church appear not to be bothered by what’s going on. No one is coming forth to challenge the manner in which these false prophets and pastors are mishandling women in the name of deliverance. Why? Because they too have been miseducated.

Women are the most religious and are thus the main target. The emotional fraud is so serious that almost every pastor wants to start their own churches that they can have complete control over.