Taking Advantage Of Divine Opportunities During End Times To Glorify God

By Victor Ochieng

Prophet Bill Lackie is constantly reminding the world that we’re living in the last days. However, despite the fact that the end times come with numerous challenges, Lackie says there are also many opportunities that true believers can capitalize on to glorify God. Amid the end time challenges, a Christian should be discerning enough to seize every available opportunity to give glory to the Creator. This will help them to give undefiled worship.

There is no better way to seize the opportunities than to first have a good grasp of what the last days entail, specifically as spelled out in the scriptures.

Lackie reminds us that the last days, according to the Bible, would be characterized by perilous times (2 Timothy 3:1-5). But then again, he says those days would also mark the rising of the army of the Lord under the stewardship of God Himself. The trumpet of God would be sounded by God’s angels and His anointing would come upon His army, positioning them to surge forward despite the worldly challenges.

Every Christian must fully understand who they are, their gifts, as well as their calling. Strengthened by God’s anointing, you can then begin to critically look at the things around you, the things from the heavens above and use these to have a better understanding of the times and season.

Yes, that’s when a Christian would identify the opportunities. Lackie says it involves shifting one’s thinking so that even as the news broadcasts report about all the negative and terrible situations, your spiritual eye reveals to you that such troubles only present opportunities for the church to give glory to Jehovah.

No one can achieve that unless they completely surrender their lives to God. By giving your life to the Creator, He’d take control of your life and direct your every step through the guidance of His Holy Spirit.

Get ready; be always ready for the race that God has placed ahead of you, knowing that it’s only through that race that you’ll enter His glorious Kingdom.

At these critical times, the enemy isn’t sleeping. He knows exactly which strings to pull so as to sway believers from the word. If any believer isn’t alert to the ploys of the devil, they’re likely to fall into temptations and drop from the race.

Therefore, remain steadfast in your salvation and pray earnestly without stopping.