Tammy Head Was a Stripper, Drug Addict; Now She Helps Women

Tammie-HeadBy Michal Ortner

Tammie Head found herself working as a stripper, doing drugs, and doubting if her life had any purpose at all at the young age of 15. There were times when she thought that it would be better to take her life, and she certainly didn’t believe God could salvage what she had become.

She began to feel His presence after she found herself a divorced single mother at the age of 18. Facing life with her daughter led her to reconcile with Christ. It was His love and forgiveness that became a salve to her wounds and invigorated her passion for God’s Word.

In her latest book, “More: From Messes to Miracles,” Head shares her personal testimony and the rich satisfaction she found Jesus Christ. She has made it her mission to reach out to women who feel broken or trapped in a life of sin.

In 1997, Head felt that God was calling her to speak His Word into the lives of other women.

“For the first time in my life, I saw scores of hurting women,” she shared. “In the church, no less!”

Head’s oldest daughter, Peyton, a recent graduate of Baylor University, felt a calling to serve as a missionary in Africa as a young girl. The Head family took the call seriously and has served in Zambia every summer since 2007.

“We’ve watched God step into the lives of some of the world’s most destitute, demonically inflicted children,” Tammie said of their experiences in Africa, “and by His miraculous power, the Lord has transformed them …”

Head began her inspirational blog in February of 2012 and has been speaking for crowds of women for just as long. “Writing reminds me of dancing. I may have two left feet, but it’s wonderful to my soul. All to say, if I stumble, give me grace,” she wrote in her first blog post.

“I have had the privilege of watching God at work in Tammie Head from close range for many years and cherish her as a spiritual daughter. I’ve seen her develop a heart to serve people of all kinds diligently and sacrificially. She lives the thing. And she lives it well …” Beth Moore, speaker and founder of Living Proof Ministries, wrote.

“This young woman is a gift to the body of Christ,” Moore continued.

Head’s life has been a true testimony of God’s grace at work, and that work is spilling over into the lives of women across the world.



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