Did Tasha Cobb Leonard’s Appearance On Good Morning America Make Any Gains For God’s Kingdom?

By Victor Ochieng

For those who didn’t get a chance to watch Tasha Cobb Leonard when she recently appeared on Good Morning America, you may not have much to say about the show. But opinions have been divided as to whether or not the kind of performance she put up there made any gains for the Kingdom.

You know, for every serious Christian, every opportunity to glorify the Blood of Jesus cannot go underutilized. Whether it’s a talk show or a live performance, a true believer must evangelize and let people know that time is over and that only repentance and holiness can save a soul.

Did Tasha Cobb do that at the GMA? That’s debatable. Why? She focused so much on the blessings, but didn’t say much about the “blesser.”

By focusing her time on praising the gift and not the Giver of the gift, she painted a picture of a prosperity gospel preacher. That was more about seeking the hands and not the heart, as Anne Brooke puts it in a blog post. An opportunity to minister is an opportunity to talk about salvation and not the material things of this world, which are all passing.

We can’t deny that Tasha Cobb has a lovely voice and that she delivered great entertainment. Yes, that was quite entertaining. Unfortunately, for those keen on hearing the good news of the Kingdom, it was a disappointment, considering the song didn’t even touch on the name of the source of the blessings. The performance didn’t give thanks to the Giver of the gifts. It focused more on being ready to receive the overflow of the blessings like never before.

Many who watched the show were in agreement that Tasha Cobb spectacularly failed the Christian ministry.

One user on The Old Black Church blog said, “Amazingly enough, I promise you that the majority of the people there in the studio goto a church somewhere including the nation watching this. After when this was over, it’s like, next. What’s the next topic at hand. This was all just a feel good spectacle for those who hope and believe this in someway is advancing the Kingdom. It’s more to it than just getting on a show like this and singing songs that are proposed as gospel.”

And another by the name Johnny Hopkins said, “I do not think this is a “major move for the Kingdom” because other Christian singers have been on GMA. I am sure some people were reached, but most of the audience was there to be entertained.”