TD Jakes is Sick of the “Hollywood Spirit” in the Church

by Nigel Boys,

Bishop T.D. Jakes, Potter House mega-church pastor, says he’s had enough of certain preachers always claiming the limelight like movie stars and so-called Christians supporting them. “I am so sick of this Hollywood spirit that has overtaken the church!” he told his congregation. The comment raised eyebrows, because Jakes is among the most well-known preachers in all of Hollywood.

Jakes went on to say, “We do not have to have big names to have a big move of God.” He continued, “I got filled up with the Holy Ghost by somebody that didn’t have no name at all.”

Jakes went on to state that preachers who are not well-known are having trouble getting the majority of Christians to listen to them. If they’re not famous with the media, people don’t want to know them, according to Jakes. He states that mega-churches are killing the small pastors off.

According to research that shows the increasing growth of mega-churches, in 2010 there was one mega-church for every 200,000 Americans. This shows a drastic rise from 1960 when there was on one mega-church for every 7.5 million Americans.   Jakes seems to feel that this has created a generation of pastors who are seeking fame over the spirit of God and that their congregations ultimately suffer.

Jakes doesn’t like the idea of “only following the most popular preachers,” so he is bringing unknown preachers into his church to speak to his congregation.  “I was saved for years and didn’t see anybody who was on TV,” he said, adding, “We gotta put this Hollywood spirit out of the church and go back to moving in the power of the Holy Ghost. “

Jakes, who must admit that he is quite famous himself, says that this was not always the case.  The pastor reminisced about the time when he was an unknown preacher struggling to fill his church pews and getting little or no support from the public.  Once his message caught on, his church became one of the most respected on earth, but the climb wasn’t easy.

Since that time, Jakes has been named by Time Magazine as one of the most popular preachers on the planet.  He is now making movies, and is regularly seen among the Hollywood elite.  He was also heavily criticized for being photographed hugging former President George W. Bush after hundreds  black people died in New Orleans due to the lack of response by the Bush Administration.  But Pastor Jakes brushes all that aside and gives the glory, honor and credit to Jesus Christ, the name above all names.



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