TD Jakes Works with BET to Find Talent For His New TV Show

The Black Entertainment Television (BET) Network, in conjunction with T. D. Jakes, Potter’s House Pastor are asking for people who would like to become part of their new talk show “T.D. Jakes Presents: Mind, Body & Soul.”  The group is seeking their talent via Facebook and the show promises to be quite popular among church-going African Americans.

Their call seems to be appealing to those who might have weight problems, relationship problems and those who are involved in helping the community.  The partnership between Jakes and BET is a bit controversial, since the network has been accused of spreading negative messages to the African American community through low-quality hip-hop programming that promotes violence, ignorance and s-xual promiscuity.  Even co-founder of BET, Sheila Johnson, says that the network may have helped spread HIV in the African American community.

Information about the new talk show can be found on the webpage of, and says that BET will bring a “better talk show with spiritual leader, educator and humanitarian with Bishop T.D. Jakes.”

The good thing about the partnership with Jakes is that BET also controls a strong religious audience, making Jakes a more spiritual version of TJ Holmes, who hosted a failed show on the network earlier this year.  The show couldn’t quite find a home on BET, which targets a less-educated audience than the one that Holmes was seeking to address.

The website goes on to say that Jakes will continue to expand his spiritual leadership and anyone interested in becoming part of the show should see the casting call information at the bottom of their website.

The website describes the show as featuring a “wide range of topics,” and current calls for people who are having a problem with their weight and can’t seem to control it. It also calls for people who either have been incarcerated or are fighting gang control.

Apparently the Sunday show, which is part of BET’s Gospel programming, features other spiritual items such as “Celebration of Gospel,” “Sunday Best” and “Bobby Jones Gospel.”

At a BET Honors presentation earlier this year, Jakes said that he was grateful to God for allowing him to stumble into that which God planned for him to do in the first place. He went on to say that his destiny was to help other people to attain the fortune that they were designed to create.

Jakes has also received 13 honorary degrees and doctorates along with various Grammy and Dove Award nominations. He was named one of the “Top 10 Religious Leaders,” by PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly.

Jakes, who leads a congregation of about 30,000 and is probably the best known African-American preacher in the world, says that it was not always that way. He says that in his day, “It was about a move of God and if the Lord was there, the Lord was blessing, and the Lord was moving, I was happy to be there.”

Jakes and his wife Serita have five children and he is a strong advocate of self denial.



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