Ted Cruz Reacts to Obama’s Criticism of Christianity on Fox News


By Lauren Matyear

United States Republican presidential candidate and Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, stirred up viewers during his appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” last Tuesday after making some harsh allegations against Democrats. Cruz, known for his outspokenness and frank point of views claimed that the “far left” in American politics is very much against and hostile toward Christianity.

These comments were made after Hannity played recordings of President Barack Obama making comments that alluded to criticism surrounding Christianity and its followers. The clips included some of President Obama’s critical statements where he spoke of a “us vs. them” approach taken on by Christians and other religious followers. Hannity also played clips of Obama acknowledging and praising Islamic culture and religion as well as the president’s former pastor Jeremiah Wright’s speeches in which he condemned America’s practices.

Cruz specifically denounced the “far left” for having an “anti-American streak” and strong “antipathy for Christians.” These comments were the result of long standing beliefs and views held by the Texas senator in addition to being inspired by the clips played by Hannity.

Senator Ted Cruz also touched on Obama’s education as an argument for his former declarations. Cruz, like President Obama, is a graduate of Harvard Law School and claims that the majority of Harvard professors were Marxists. He believes that this says something about the president’s training and ideology that he strives to currently put into practice. This, in accumulation with the rest of his claims, makes a very strong statement and remains consistent with his style.

Cruz further lamented his disappointment in other republicans, particularly those who he campaigned for. Cruz stated that these republicans have not done anything to challenge the Obama administration as they had initially promised to do. Cruz expressed his concern and stated that, in fact, many republicans are “fighting to fund Obama’s priorities” rather than fight against them as they claimed they would. Cruz’s frank and open disapproval of other members of his party has helped him gain attention and a higher level of success in his current campaign. Only time will tell if it will serve to increase his poll numbers, which are currently at 10%.

Although he reports that other members of his party are turning against his policy, it is rumored that Senator Ted Cruz has a strong backing among House members who are currently working towards reforms within the republican caucus.