Texas Pastor W.M. Dwight McKissic, Sr. Wins The Highly Regarded William Seymour Award

By Victor Ochieng

Pastor WM. Dwight McKissic, Sr. of Cornerstone Church Arlington, Texas, has been announced as the winner of the prestigious William Seymour Award. The announcement was made by Apostle Fred Berry, CEO of the Azura Street Mission.

The award is normally proffered to pastors and leaders who bear an image of unity within the Christian community just as Pastor William Seymour, founder of the Azusa Street Mission.

The Azusa Street Revival gained fame back in April 1906 at a time when racism was eating America. Life Magazine put Azusa Street Revival among the leading 100 events of the 20th century. Honoring the role played by Pastor William Seymour, the award targets both local and international leaders who demonstrate the Seymour spirit of unity and love. The William Seymour Award is strictly given to individuals who dedicate years of service to the ministry, integrity, and leadership.

Fred and Wilma Berry, founders of the Azusa Street Mission and Historical Society, have been issuing the William Seymour Award to leaders and pastors since 2006. Some of the individuals who’ve previously received the award are “Bishop Charles E. Blake, the COGIC presiding Bishop; Pastor Sunday Adelaja, from Kiev, Ukraine; Dr. Patricia Bailey-Jones USA; Apostle John Eckhardt USA; Dr. Myles Munroe from Nassau, Bahamas; and Apostle Sam Korankye Ankrah from Accra, Ghana; Pastor Jabes de Alencar Sao Paulo, Brazil ; Lou Engle of The Call ministry; CEO Al & Hattie Hollingsworth founders of Boss the Movement; Bishop TD. Jakes, Pastor of the Potters House in Dallas, Texas and Pastor Bonnie Chavda of Chavda Ministries International in Charlotte, NC.”

The William Seymour Award is conferred to the winners in a special ceremony dubbed the annual Azusafest. The event will be held on April 6th, 7th, and 8th of 2018 and the exact location of the fest will be 312 Azusa Street in downtown Los Angeles. A lot of things normally go on during the ceremony. The upcoming festival will comprise of a prophetic conference and a special worship to be led by Apostle Ron & Tyda Harvey, founders of Gathering of Tribal Nations among other First Nations Navajo ministries.

Fred and Wilma Berry are sure bearers of the history of Azusa Street, serving as international representatives through the Azusa Street Mission. The mission of the organization is “to carry the flame of Azusa Street to the next generation throughout the nations of the world.”

“There is an expectation of the fulfillment of William J. Seymour’s prophecy of a greater revival spreading all over the world like unto the Azusa Street Revival,” said Apostle Berry, “It is an appointed time — God has chosen this nation for this hour — our theme this year is ‘All in one accord & in one Place’ Acts 2:1 . We are praying for leaders to come together in unity at Azusa Street to unlock a catalytic and synergistic wave of God’s spirit for the last day’s harvest and revival.”