“The Bible has no place at the Inauguration & Michelle Obama is a descendant of slaves”: MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Speaks On The Inaugural Swearing In

Ayvaunn Penn, All Christian News

Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC takes a stab at the Bible on a recent broadcast of his show The Last Word. When O’Donnell made the crack, he was in the midst of discussing Pastor Louie Giglio’s decision to step down from speaking at the Inauguration due to the resurfacing of his anti-homosexual comments. O’Donnell says that the Bible has no place at President Barack Obama’s fast approaching Inauguration ceremony. Specifically, he tells his viewers:

“No one accepts all of the teachings of the Bible — no one. There are no literal followers of the word of God as presented in the Bible left on earth. If there were any, they would have to be burning people at the stake all day, every day…Still, the president, following one of our most absurdest traditions in the government that invented the separation of church and state, will put his hand on this Book filled with things he does not believe — filled with things that no one in the United States of America believes — and with his hand on this Book, he will recite the oath of office. And his hand on this Book is actually supposed to make you believe that he really believes what he is saying in taking the oath of office, even though the Book is filled with things that you and he do not believe.”

As a solution, O’Donnell says that Obama should swear by one of his daughters instead. He tells viewers, “Now, wouldn’t it be better if the president’s hand was on the shoulder of one of his daughters, suggesting that he was honoring the oath of office as much as he honors Sasha and Malia?”.

As if the latter statements did not enrage enough of America, O’Donnell proceeded blabber on about how he believes the Bible does not condemn slavery; First Lady Michelle Obama being the descendant of slaves; and the irony of President Obama swearing by the Bible. O’Donnell states:

“This time, as it was last time for the first time in history, the Book will be held by a First Lady who is a descendant of slaves. But the Holy Book she will be holding does not contain one word of God condemning slavery…But that same Book, which spends hundreds and hundreds of pages condemning all sorts of things, and couldn’t find one sentence in here to condemn slavery, does indeed manage find the space to repeatedly condemn gay people, as the now banished Louie Giglio said it does…And as the First Lady is holding that Book for the President, sitting someone near them will be a pastor who the Inauguration Committee will make sure is much more adept at hiding what that Book actually says than Louie Giglio was.”

To no one’s surprise, numerous news sources confirm that Christians across the nation are holding nothing back in expressing their sentiments of abhorrence and utter disgust at O’Donnell’s comments.


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