The Demographic Revolution of America Reaches the Church


By Angela Wills

White Christians have long dominated the religious life of America but are clearly falling in the lower scales of the majority of the U.S. population among religious front runners today.

Religious affiliations are more and more becoming the pivotal point of distinction between Democrats and Republicans, according to unrevealed reports of the Pew Research Center’s massive Religious Landscape survey show.

As diversity intensifies in the nation, both racially and religiously, White Christians now make up only 46% of American adults. This number is down from the 55% that existed in 2007, and exceedingly higher percentages in the majority of the United States.

Although White Christians seem to dwindle in overall numbers, they are still accountable for almost 7 in 10 Americans who side with the Republican Party, according to the Pew study. In fact, the representation of White Christians is as large today in the Republican coalition as it was in the overall society in 1984 during the election of Ronald Regan.

Democrats have to lean towards the culturally liberal compulsions of the majority upscale Whites who hold more established dispositions of their Latino and African-American supporters. This group of people are more likely to practice or identify with the likes of Christian faiths. In a surprising revelation, less than half of White Democrats who hold a college degree, identify themselves as Christians. This is significantly less than the party’s Blacks and Latinos of the party.

In the new coordinate, the traditional differences between Christian faiths have greatly been redirected to two other paths. First, Republicans now campaign well among the most religiously renowned in all Christian platforms, leaving the Democrats to function better primarily among Christians who are less observant of a certain religious belief.

Secondly, the Republican coalition revolves around Christians, while Democrats increasingly depend on Americans who identify with non-Christian faiths, or better yet, no religious habits of any form.

It all means that there are truly social divisions between the coalitions of the two parties. The differences between the two parties are deeply rooted in the differences of the values. It isn’t impossible to compromise, but it’s quite challenging to compromise, when the disparities are grounded in this.

There is an outstanding separation in the combined religious and racial standings of both parties.