Pastors’ Wives Fighting on Reality TV Already

Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

There has been just about every type of reality show imaginable. By golly there is even a reality show called Double Divas that is all about getting women in the right size bra. Perhaps more interesting than underwear, however, is a reality show about the lives of first ladies in the church. On the first of January, The Sisterhood, had its national premier.

The show closely follows the lives of Christina Murray, DeLana Rutherford, Domonique Scott, Ivy Couch, and Tara Lewis. As can only be expected, the first show consisted of getting to know the pastors’ wives much in the fashion of classmate introductions on the first day of school. Among the formalities, however, there is already a tiff. Tara apparently has a scripture addiction, but not one that counterpart Dominique would consider a good one. Recall how Marcus only speaks in “football” in Tyler Perry’s film Why Did I Get Married, Too?? Well that is the same condition Tara suffers from except she only speaks in “scripture,” and it gets on Dominique’s last nerve causing her to say:

“Now, if I’m talking to my spiritual daughter or I’m talking to another person I’m trying to convert, yes I’m going to give them a scripture…[But] I don’t need you to quote scriptures to me. I know the Word.”

To see a video of the altercation and learn when the show airs, click here. Who knows what the next episode will hold. In the meantime, how do you feel about and handle interacting with Christians like Tara who only speak in “scripture?”


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