The Truth is that Sin Separates Us From God: You Must Repent

The Truth Is…Sin Separates us From God…This Is why God demands that we confess our sin and repent before we can have a personal intimate relationship with him.

REPENTANCE :  In talking with some people, I have discovered that there is a misunderstanding concerning repentance and asking for forgiveness. Some think asking for forgiveness is repentance, but it is not, they are different processes.  For example, if every time I steal from you I ask forgiveness but continue to steal from you I have not repented. I have only asked your forgiveness. (In asking for forgiveness, a person is asking to be relieved from the penalty of wrongdoing.  A person is asking for tolerance concerning their bad behavior.)    On the other hand, if I have stolen from you and asked you to forgive me plus return what I have stolen and never steal from you again then I have repented.




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