When Theologians Start to Sound Like Fox News Hosts and White Supremacists


By Angela Wills

Dr. James White, reformed theologian, recently made some observations on his Facebook page that were of a cultural/theological nature. These observations were based upon his observation of a young black teen and it contained some debatable racially and stereotypical charged claims.

Here is an excerpt from the somewhat lengthy post:

“As I drove away I thought about that boy. There is a more than 70% chance he has never met this father.  In all probabilities he has no guidance, has no example. He is filled with arrogance and disrespect for authority.  He lives in a land where he is told lies every day—the lie that he cannot, through hard work and discipline, get ahead, get a good education, and succeed at life. He is lied to and told the rest of the world owes him.  And the result is predictable: in his generation, that 70% number will only rise. He may well father a number of children—most of which will be murdered in the womb, padding the pockets of Planned Parenthood, and those that survive will themselves be raised without a natural family, without the God-ordained structure that is so important for teaching respect, and true manhood or womanhood.”

This observation he formed all while indulging in his tall latte and watching a 15-year-old kid cross the street. What’s even more disheartening is that while reading the post made by James White in its entirety, one could hear bits and pieces of Charleston, South Carolina terrorist killer Dylan Roof’s racist proclamation.

Once challenged on some of the claims made in that post, he immediately deleted it and then engaged in similar methods practiced by some preachers, attacking, lying, deflecting and intimidating, all to uphold his power and character as a distinguished theologian. It is becoming more and more common for theologians and leaders in the ministry, regardless of race, to engage in similar rhetoric as hat of White Supremacists. Their statements and observations tend to stereotype certain cultural or ethnic groups. Some even begin to whitewash history and deface the value of non-Westernized culture. One of the most common and rapidly growing types of similarities is seen in hyper-scrutinizing of ethnic and cultural groups.

Christian ministers and theologians are seen as influential leaders in America. They should be on the forefront of motivating others to live in peace with all men and to speak the truth in love.