Three Dallas Cowboys Players Profess Their Faith As They Undergo Baptism In The Team’s Rehabilitation Pool

By Victor Ochieng

Even though the Dallas Cowboys weren’t lucky enough to make it to the playoffs this year, they’ve done well on other matters. According to a report by the Vibe, three of the team’s players professed Jesus and were baptized in the team’s rehabilitation pool early last month (December 2017).

A video of the baptism went viral on Facebook after the players shared it. In the video, the team’s chaplain, Pastor John Evans, is seen baptizing linebackers Justin March-Lillard and Anthony Hitchens and safety Kavon Frazier at The Star, the teams newly unveiled training facility, which is also their headquarters.

They chose to make their baptism public as a show to the younger generation that it’s alright “to come out of the closet in their faith.”

Speaking to The Undefeated, Frazier said, “They don’t see their friends really worshiping God and really talking about God,” adding, “Even me growing up, I went to a Christian school all my life, but I really wasn’t going around talking about God. But now it’s different … but from this video, hopefully younger people will start learning [about God] a little bit quicker.”

The players attributed the video’s going viral to God, saying it was God’s plan that it spreads widely so as to send a message to the younger generation about opening up about their faith. It provided an opportunity to know them in another dimension rather than football.

“He made it go viral just so we can use our platform in a whole bigger sense than just football. It wasn’t supposed to blow up, it just happened. We didn’t do it for the press. We did it to renew our vows with God.” Frazier said.

Commenting on the baptism, March-Lillard said, “We spend a lot of our time here [at the practice facilities]. You’re more with the guys here than you are with your own family, so it’s like a family environment. “Our church is here, so for us it was kind of like that’s why we got baptized here, because this is our church, this is where we have Bible study.”

Frazier explained that the baptism ceremony worked to bring the team closer.

The move by the players to get baptized has been hailed across several different platforms and has acted as an impetus for others to follow in their footsteps and give their lives to Christ Jesus.