Here Are Three Ways Pastors Can Avoid Letting Their Personal Messes Jam The Internet

By Victor Ochieng

The internet can make you or break you. Pastors know that very well, many having been ambushed out of their positions simply because some of their wrongdoings found their way to the internet. We’ve seen cases where pastors are forced to resign after social media users demand so.

But there are ways through which a pastor can keep his or her messes off the internet. Below are three of them;

  1. Just don’t do mess in the first place – Being a pastor doesn’t mean you have to mess. We’re all humans and we err here and there, but there are some things done by pastors that aren’t just about human weaknesses. Some of these things are properly planned before being executed. We have cases where pastors scheme to embezzle church funds, going as far as only elevating people he can manipulate to lofty church positions so that his actions are never questioned. In some cases, we’ve seen pastors going into s*xual immorality with members of their church; planning and executing such acts of evil, while pretending to be very holy in front of the church and the society. Such messes are easily avoidable; just keep off.

2. Once You’ve Messed Up, Address It Right Away – When things are left unresolved, they leave church members and the public guessing. This is what in most cases causes the public and the internet in particular, to crucify an individual without even getting to know the gist of the matter. Brushing things under the carpet is also not right, as such are likely to come back to haunt you in the future. Step up to the task, open up, repent over it and say sorry to those offended by your act. If it’s about a misuse of church money, define a clear road-map of refunding the money, and if it’s a case of doing something wrong to someone, come forward and say sorry to the person; best done right in front of your congregation. 

3. Once Your Mess Has Gone Public, Come Clean About It – One of the reasons why some pastors end up being hounded out of office is because they try as much as possible to hide their messes. At times, after they’ve realized that their messes have gone public, they start lying or giving some reckless excuses that only work to make people believe they acted deliberately and in total disregard to Bible teachings. Preacher, once the public has known what you’ve done, lay everything bare and even request them to help you in prayer for spiritual restoration. That not only helps you to teach them to take responsibility for their actions but also makes it clear to them that every action has consequences. In fact, where the mess is serious, take a break from the pulpit and go back to God in prayer and fasting.